Danielle Hope 
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“Danielle Hope shares with William Carlos Williams a gift for observation; with Dannie Abse a lyricism and satirical edge; and with Chekhov a compassion manifesting itself in elegies and political poems borne out of long acquaintance with suffering. But there is one further gift of this exact, understated poet which is very much her own:  a serenity not usually found in the pockets of the white coat or the lining of the purple coat.”
John O’Donoghue in Poetry Express.

“..the poetry is a direct, pared-down, non-sentimental verse which gets to the heart of her concerns ... Danielle Hope is also a biting satirist, hitting out at the sham in all departments of life.”  

Patricia Oxley

Danielle Hope weaves and twists words with a seeming playfulness, yet her poems are rich with whispered ideas”
Mandy Smith


“Hope is good at writing about people, ready to feel, understand, taking the exhibits of life seriously ... For her, things and people have inscape; they deserve our attention because things do – or should.”
RV Bailey on City Fox