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Work with Survivors Poetry

Danielle Hope was a trustee of and subsequently an advisor of Survivors Poetry, a UK National arts charity (Reg. No. 1040177) that works to support, promote and publish the poetry of people who have been through, or are currently in, the UK’s mental health system.
Since then she has supported them by giving readings, workshops and the proceeds from one of her books (The Stone Ship) was given to Survivors Poetry.
Judging competitions, reviewing
Danielle Hope has judged a selected number of poetry competions and have been involved in reviewing guest issues of individual magazines, as well a reviewing for Zenos, above.


  • Danielle Hope founded and was the lead editor for ZENOS - a magazine of British and International Poetry, based from Nottingham.
  • She has edited the work of Feyyaz Fergar, a noted Turkish Poet.
  • She is currently advisory editor for the literary magazine Acumen.
Poetry Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Surgeries and Debates
Danielle as led a wide range of diverse poetry seminars and workshops with small and larger groups. These include critical review and discussion of poets own work, analysis of the work of modern poets, including international writers.
She has also held one-to-one poetry surgeries.
She has also led debates on poetry writing and reading, and chaired poet-to-poet discussions at festivals.