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Fairground of Madness

By Danielle Hope (poems) and Shirley Barker (art work)

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Publisher: Rockingham Press
Format: Paperback
Pages: 69
Price: £5.95
ISBN: 978-1-873468-01-2

Danielle Hope's first collection explored the trade off between personality and madness and the rides in a fairground, with striking woodcuts by Shirley Barker.





Ramptom Special Hospital
I remember the crossing between fields of oil seed rape
the spider track of a black bus in a sticky yellow web
six jostled passengers
faces borrowed from artic explorers
the moment before death. I remember.
I remember the carbolic stew that woudl not digest
but jostled for air at the back of my throat
then the fence, the guards and the one armed barrier
dropping behind as a wire severes a ration of cheese.
And then, I remember, we were inside.
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