Danielle Hope 
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With an unerring eye and ear both for the urban and for the coastal and rural, Danielle Hope is an explorer reporting from many diverse worlds.  Like Hardy, the presiding spirit of the second section of this collection, she is someone ‘who notices such things’. 

The varied realities, tribulations, griefs, and muted triumphs of life are portrayed here with confidence, wit and lyricism.  There’s a beautifully-steady and cleanly-stated respect for and questioning of life present throughout. 

This is developed to its furthest extent in the poems given to Mrs Uomo, an alter-ego of the poet.  The unsinkable Mrs Uomo’s experiences, reflections and actions refract the bad stuff of contemporary concerns;  her year takes us through recognizable and difficult territories all lifted into a better perspective by Mrs Uomo’s life energy and her instinct as to what is right and what is ridiculous.  Mrs Uomo possesses the quality of joy mixed with apprehension.  Her methods of tackling present-day  meanness and cruelty have unique purpose and grace. 

Here is a guide to travel with as we struggle to make sense of life.  Note in particular Mrs Uomo’s preference for St Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.  I highly recommend Mrs Uomo’s Yearbook.

Penelope Shuttle