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Latest News: Just out 2019The Last Walk of Giovanni Pascoli -  dual language book, translated by Danielle Hope, from Rockingham Press. See News section for more information & readings..
Danielle Hope has published four books of her own poetry – City FoxThe Stone Ship, Giraffe under a Grey Sky, and Mrs Uomo' Yearbook – all with Rockingham Press.
She is also published in a joint book of poetry and art,  Fairground of Madness, also by Rockingham Press.
Her work has appeared widely in magazines and newspapers. 
She has led many poetry writing workshops, judged several competitions and co-written two plays with Martin Orrell. She translates Italian poetry, especially Eugenio Montale and Giovanni Pascoli.

She founded and edited Zenos, a magazine of British and International Poetry, edited the work of the Turkish poet, Feyyaz Fergar, was a Trustee of Survivors Poetry, is editorial advisor for the Literary Magazine, Acumen and helps in the Torbay Poetry Festival.
In Giraffe under a Grey SkyDanielle introduces new character – Mrs Uomo – who muddles through modern urban society – dealing with health care bureaucracy and the Hadron Collider, then finds herself corrupted by a game of monopoly. There are new poems delving social, imaginative, natural and personal worlds – in turns serious and comic - including the workings of the heart, a world ruled by buttercups, grief, and a sequence on the Potter’s Bar rail crash.
Her latest book Mrs Uomo's Yearbook being lauched over coming months and is highlighted by the Poetry Book Society. It explores diverse modern and ancient worlds in life, the mind, coasts, trees and month by month by Mrs Uomo in her Yearbook, as she waits for a hospital operation, reads her dictionary or teaches her cat from the home course in economics.
Several of her poems have been set to music, most recently the title poem of City Fox with music by James Harris and recently launched on Amazon.